Kenji Yeo


I am Kenji Yeo, an entrepreneur from Sabah, Malaysia, currently building, Borenos and also I am running a training company LifeSkill Malaysia. I am entrepreneur by heart and enjoy travelling.

What I can do to help you?

I am specialised in building new businesses, training new entrepreneurs and creating successful brands.

My Works

I have worked with business teams of all sizes for almost two decades, ranging from retail companies to travel business such as Amazing Borneo Travel to F&B Chain, Borenos, with the aim to contribute to the country as well as be a good entreprenuer that built the country. It always my pleasure to see Malaysia growing day by day.

I always learn a lot by sharing my knowledges and practices on businesses that I have built, I want to create unity between team members to be able to communicate with each other better, understand problems very well before diving into solutions and create a proactive learning cultures.

Learning is my motivation. For any team that I contribute to, I wish to align individual & team interests, while setting up learning processes & cultures to drive better, measurable product goals and business outcomes.

Brands that I built

Amazing Borneo
North Borneo Cruises
Sabah Travel


Kenji always seeks for improvements, be it in businesses or in his day to day life. He has strong business acumen, good point of views and working with him are my greatest decision that I have ever made.
Lynn Tiang
Lynn Tiang
Kenji is competent, focused on teaching my team and he went the extra mile to deliver what the business needed despite the challenges. His business decisions always excited and move towards a better company operation and cultures. I would like to learn more from him.
Emily Lim
Emily Lim
Kenji is always there for our team when we needs helps. He is a good and fearless leader in mitigating issues and encouraging team members to strive for success with hard work and dedication. Working smart is always his mantra.
Khay Inn
Poh Khay Inn